Specialised Dental Services

Elite Dental have been involved with healthcare organisations within Ryde and surrounding suburbs for over ten years. Collectively, the team have decades of experience in treating patients with limited mobility, cognitive impairment and brain injuries.

Patients with spinal and brain injuries

The dentists at Elite Dental have regularly visited the brain injury and spinal injury units at the Ryde Royal Rehab Hospital for over ten years. Dr Lee Wareham is the current visiting Visiting Dental Officer at the Ryde Royal Rehab Hospital.

The team find this work incredibly rewarding. It involves helping patients with their dental care when they can’t easily communicate their needs due to injury or disease.

Helping Ryde Royal Rehab Hospital to cope with dental infections

Dental infections are one of the most prevalent forms of infection in hospitals. These kinds of infections are easily left undiagnosed and untreated. Dental abscesses can lead to persistent fever, septicemia and other serious conditions and should be treated seriously.

Elite Dental work with the hospital to ensure that at-risk patients for dental infections are assessed on-site. After this, the patients are booked in for a consultation at the surgery.

Patients with special requirements

The clinic sees patients with differing levels of cognitive impairment through Achieve Australia.

Patients with mobility issues are welcome at the clinic. Our fully wheelchair accessible clinic and easy wheelchair-friendly parking outside make visits simple.

What to expect during a visit

  • To coordinate a consultation, patients with poor mobility, a brain or spinal injury, and their carers are welcome to contact the reception team at Elite Dental.
  • The specialist team of administrators have extensive experience in accommodating treatments of all kinds for tetraplegic or paraplegic patients, along with people with cognitive impairment or brain injury.
  • Treatment can then be undertaken while the patient is sitting in their own chair, for those with a reclinable wheelchair.

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