Anxious Patients

The fear of experiencing pain or a past traumatic experience at the dentist are often major reasons for some anxious patients to avoid visiting their dentist.

At Elite Dental, we completely understand these concerns. Our kind and empathetic dentists will do their best to help you through your dental treatment at your own pace. Just let your dentist know. They will help you to relax by explaining the treatments, giving you to ask questions and by letting you have mini breaks whenever necessary.  We also offer pain-relief and sedation options to help anxious patients to feel comfortable during procedures.   Numbing creams are applied first so there is minimal pain if injections are required and when teeth are being cleaned.

Anxious children

Our dentists take particular care with children to ensure that young patients do not become anxious patients.  Parents and carers are encouraged to provide calm, positive and reaffirming messages to their children throughout the treatment.   If your child is anxious take the time to review the resources including colouring-in options, at:

Dr Wareham regularly visits the brain injury and spinal injury units at the Ryde Royal Rehab Hospital as a Visiting Dental Officer. In these wards she assists with diagnosing and treating at-risk and special needs patients.  She uses these skills to calm anxious patients.

We can offer penthrox – methoxyflurane. This is an effective way to alleviate your anxiety during treatment.

In more severe cases, we can arrange an anaesthetist to attend the appointment in order to complete treatment under twilight sedation. This ensures that all of our clients maintain their oral hygiene and get the best care possible.

It’s perfectly normal for adults and children to feel slightly apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Our friendly and professional team are experienced in making patients feel comfortable and at ease before, during, and after their dental treatments.

The Victorian Government Better Health Channel also provides some excellent resources on the following website: Dental anxiety and phobia – Better Health Channel