Do you need special disabled dental support?

Jennifer Sheldon

Eltite Dental provides specialised dental care services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of patients with disabilities or high needs. These patients may have physical, cognitive, sensory, or developmental disabilities including cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, hearing impairment, and physical or brain injury disabilities.  If you need special disabled dental support, please contact us.

Our surgery rooms are designed to cater for those with mobility or dexterity needs that require special facilities. We provide critically important services to ensure that individuals with disabilities or special needs receive the best dental care they need to maintain optimal oral health and overall well-being. In all cases, prevention is the key to a good long term oral health outcomes.  We will advise you if any structural issues need to be corrected and put in place a plan for any ongoing support.

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Wheelchair Access and Assistance Animals welcome

The Elite Dental surgery is wheelchair and electric wheelchair accessible.   There is convenient and close parking.  Our team ensures that patients are comfortable and safe during all procedures. For example, we may use adaptive devices, such as positioning aids, to help patients maintain proper positioning during treatment.  We also welcome emotional support pets or assistance animals and we allow patients to retain their security blankets or toys as needed.

Ryde Rehabilitation Hospital

Currently, Dr Wareham, treats patients from the Ryde Rehabilitation Hospital and carefully follows best practice when engaging with patients and their carers.

What to do before a visit

When planning a dental visit, talk to the patient calmly explaining how Dr Wareham is there to help and that they may feel some discomfort. Dr Wareham will carefully monitor the patient’s comfort and stop regularly for breaks.   It is also important to bring a copy of their consent form and discuss with us if pain or relaxation medication might be administered prior to a visit.

For anxious patients with high needs, sleep or twilight dentistry can be arranged and we will arrange for an anesthetist to be present.

Following any procedures clear advice and follow-up is provided for post care.

If you need special disable access dental services, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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